Get required lasts lines from a huge text file in python

During my work, I need to parse the result from some huge log files. The result is always save at the end of the file. So I need find a way to get the required last lines to accelerate the parse speed. Here is the function I have written to achieve this requirement in python.

  1. def last_lines(filename, lines=1):
  2. '''
  3. return the last lines from the specify files
  4. '''
  5. with open(filename, 'rb') as fh:
  6., os.SEEK_END)
  7. if fh.tell() == 0:
  8. return []
  9., os.SEEK_END)
  10. #while not BOF
  11. while fh.tell() > 0:
  12. cur_char =
  13. if cur_char == '\n':
  14. lines -= 1
  15. if lines > 0:
  16., os.SEEK_CUR)
  17. else:
  18. break
  19. return [line.decode() for line in fh.readlines()]


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