Connected is a browser extension. It aims to improve the browser manage the tabs, the sessions and the resources etc. Currently it it is released in Chrome. It the future it will also support Firefox, Safari and Edge( or its inheritors).

Main features

1. Close selected tabs
2. Close window
3. Double click tab icon to focus the tab
4. Export a session as a JSON file
5. Import a session file
6. Open selected tabs in new window
7. Move selected tabs in new window
8. Reopen closed tabs, currently limitted to the tabs closed by the extension
9. Refresh the tabs of a window
10. Refresh all/selected tabs
11. Restore the session from the session list view
12. Save a window as a session
13. Search tab with title and url
14. Search session with session name
15. Toggle mute all tabs
16. Toggle pinned tabs


Here a is brief introduction video in YouTube

Thank you for your trust and welcome to add your feedbacks and comments. :)


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