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  1. Max

    Hey Erxin,

    Sorry if this is a bad place to contact you — I couldn’t find your email address. I was trying to work through this tutorial that it looks like you contributed to:


    but wasn’t able to get it to work. In particular, I got a “gBrowser.selectedBrowser.contentWindow is null” error. Has firefox changed in such a way that this doesn’t work anymore? This functionality would be super useful for a project I’m working on.



    1. Shang Erxin Post author

      Hi Max,

      Sorry for the late response. The debugger API is only work for legacy Firefox extension such as XPCOM or addon SDK. It is not work with WebExtension extension. Which technology does your project chosen? If the API is required, you could use a WebExtension Experimental Extension which could only be used in developer edition and nighltly built Firefox.

      Best regards,


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